The following is a list of online Respiratory Therapy programs.  Online programs generally offer online classes which are complemented with on site clinical rotations in area hospitals.  The benefit of attending an online Respiratory Therapy program is the flexibility it offers for adults who already have full-time jobs and/or family commitments.

Bachelors Degree Programs

Boise State University (Cost ~$9,000+)
A.S. to BSRT

Midwestern State University (Cost~$10,000)

University of Cincinnati (Cost~$24,000+)
A.S. to BSRT

University of Missouri health system (24,000+)
A.S. to BSRT

University of North Carolina at Charlotte (Cost~26,000+)
A.S. to BSRT

Oregon Institute of Technology

Associate in Science Programs

California College San Diego
A.S. Respiratory Therapy

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  1. I am at Independence University and I love it. It is accelerated so there is A LOT to learn in a little time frame but the instructors are there if you need them and if you apply yourself completely, you can do it. Graduating in November and looking at BSU for my BS.

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